Towing Services

Composed of well-trained and clean-cut professional tow truck operators, All Day Towing is proud to adhere to the following:






Light duty Towing

Light Duty Trucks

Light Duty Trucks are usually used in the towing situation where you have lost your keys or the vehicle is having electrical issues to where you are not able to shift your vehicle out of park. In this case, our main goal is not to damage your vehicle at all by using what we call dolly wheels to lift your vehicle off the ground without dragging it. Some of our competitors like to use what is called skates to drag a vehicle up the flatbed but we shy away from that because it has a high risk of damaging your transaxle. Our light duty trucks are available at any time of the day. Like most Beaverton towing companies, Motorcycle towing is another skill that our tow truck operators have perfected. We tow all motorcycles on a flatbed no matter what the situation is. We provide towing in Portland and its surrounding areas for all makes and models of motorcycles.

Winch out & recovery

If your vehicle is stuck in mud or in a ditch our team has the ability to get you out of any situation that your car has put you into. We handle winching services for any problem that you have fallen into. In case of snow, we see lots of people stuck in areas they never expected to be in. If you just happen to find yourself in that situation don’t hesitate calling ALL DAY TOWING and we will be there in no time to get you out of that problem.

Recovery & Winch Labor
Flat Bed Services

Flatbed Services

Flatbed Services are always used to tow any vehicle that has a four wheel drive package or any vehicle that is lowered and has a body kit. Some manufacturers recommend that a vehicle should be towed on a flatbed even if it does not have four wheel drive on it.

Impound Services

Our fleet is ready to get the job done at all times especially if there is illegally parked vehicles in your parking lot. If your having parking lot issues with residents parking in other peoples spots or someone is parked in your business parking lot illegally then we recommend you call us and will fix any problem you encounter.

Impound Services & Much more..